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The one Stop Shop for learning Everything There is to Know About How Money Works, Our Modern Day Banking System and How to Deal with Debt Predators with Boldness and Courage (Templates, Books and Videos Included - circa 50 + Hours of Content)  

What's Included?

There's Plenty for you to learn and to become a subject matter expert and destroy the Youtube Noise

Audios 1 - 6

Common Sense Money Management Workshop

Duration: Approx 6h

1. Explore the Goldsmith Story and the History and origin of Money. 2. The difference between Money and Currency. 3. How to get out of debt in 24 hours 4. The deception of Inflation 5. The Power of Taking Control, 6. The theory of the Strawman and much more

Videos 9- 15

The Money Wisdom Workshop Pt 2

Duration: Approx 7 Hours

i. Trusts Basics & The Strawman ii. Promissory Notesiii. Principal and Surety iv. Treasury Liquidation v. UCC – Universal Commercial Code vi. Liening The Straw man vii. Notices viii. Averments & Negative Averments ix. Affidavits x. Administrative Process xi. Affidavit of Obligation Explained (Commercial Lien – Private Process) xii. Important Court Basics

Videos 23-28

Promissory Notes Made Easy - Pt2

Duration: Approx 6h

a. Notary Seal b. Arch Bishop of Canterbury Seal c. God’s Custodian – The Pope – Understanding their role d. Banking Verbiage & Language - Using the UCC e. Difference between Fact & Trust f. Dealing and Understanding Courts g. Practical application of banking h. Practical Application Court Paperwork & Administration i. Practical Application – Courtroom j. Negotiable & Non-Negotiable instruments k. Defence in Court l. Case Law m. Court Role play

Videos 1- 8

The Money Wisdom Workshop Pt 1

Duration: Approx 9 Hours

Law Form Hierarchy ii. Admiralty Maritime/ Common Law/ Private Law iii. Law of the MERCHANTS iv. What Is Money? v. MONEY OF Account vs MONEY of Exchange vi. Fiat Currency & Banking vii. Negotiable Instruments/ Bills of Exchange viii. An Injury – Explained – Operating as a Creditor or Merchant ix. How to Operate Correctly – The New System of Money x. Benefit Privileges xi. Bankruptcy xii. The New Gold & Silver xiii. There is No Debt xiv. Credit Creation Explained & Fractionalisation xv. Mortgages Explained xvi. Protecting yourself as a merchant in commerce (Deal with debt predators correctly) xvii. Strawman Doctrine Explained in detail – Cestui Que Trusts/ Foreign Situs Trusts etc xviii. Commercial Liens & Administrative Procedures xix. Accepted for Value

Videos 16 - 22

Promissory Notes Made Easy - Pt 1

Duration: Approx 6h

a. Review of Money b. Review of Credit Creation c. Review of The Goldsmith Story d. Understanding and Review of Commerce e. Legal Tender and Fiat Currency – A Refresh f. ‘The Security or the Bond’ g. Negotiable Instruments h. Why the Bond is Valuable – Man’s Power i. The King James Bible j. Titles and Substance k. Strawman Theory – Revisited l. Understanding what are ‘Fictions’ m. Valuable Consideration n. Bills of Exchange Act

Videos 29 - 41

Having A Winning Commercial Mindset

Duration: Approx 12h

1. A Video Training Series addressing the ‘Mindset of a Creditor’ a. 12 Part Series including… b. Knowing who You Are c. Debt Elimination Strategies d. Introduction to Liens. e.Notices or Letters? f. Getting Rid of The Fear Factor

Don't Take My Word For It!

Live testimonials from Delegates and existing Students

I have enjoyed your seminar in regards to enlightenment...and realising that I am a wealthy person not in debt to others...


WGE Member

After studying your course materials intensely, I believe that you have captured the essence of private express trusts in such a simple and effective way that I have total belief in using trusts going forward...

WGE Current Member, Requested to Remain Private

The information I learnt was Amazing!... You can not live life without this information...It's suicide...Financial suicide!

Dean F

WGE Workshop Delegate

The style of teaching is different in nothing is left misunderstood. The results I have seen so far are in me and my understanding of what is going on around me now I'm ready to put it into action.

My words of wisdom to anyone starting to learn… would be clear the decks of the misinformation you have been fed up to this point.

WGE Member, Request To Remain Private 

I tell anyone who is interested in this subject to listen to the tapes and be patient, keep going over them until you get it. Also try to keep in contact with others who are learning the same course.  

P.s. the promissory note course was brilliant


WGE Member

I can honestly say by doing your course, this has turned me into a different person; it’s open my eyes, literally!

Around in the course of the amount of debt I was in I dread to think where and what state I would be in now! Debt is a horrible lonely place. And it’s not just the course! You was there all the time and still are to help guide me, this was priceless.

WGE Member, Shall Remain Private

It's been a bargain for the knowledge we have acquired and i would really recommend it...


WGE Course Delegate

Richard's style is "he's on your page". He's so easy to follow and if you don't get a particular topic he'll take the time to re-explain the point until you do.

WGE Member, Shall Remain Private

Get yourself to one of Richard's Seminars because they are absolutely awesome!

Nicola Masters

WGE Member

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